Perfect Destination For Success

To meet the globalisation target of Batam as an international commerce hub, the progress of Batam has shifted into a new phase towards the development of the services sector, including modern commercial offices and quality residential and lifestyle projects to satisfy the lifestyle standards of its maturing city population.


Batam is the first Special Economic Zone (SEZ) opened in Indonesia and includes islands of Batam, Tonton, Setokok, Nipah, Rempang Galang and Galang Baru and lies on one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes between Sumatra and Singapore.

In 2009 Free Trade Zone was finally legislated in the Riau islands of Batam, Bintan and Karimun, which ended most of the legal uncertainty concerning customs and tax exemptions. Rapid administrative reforms has been administered since the creation of the Batam Indonesia Free Zone Authority (BIZFA) in 2009, and the city has progressed steadily in the execution of its development and infrastructure masterplan.

City development masterplan was enhanced to serve five main functions: industrial, trade, tourism, transshipment area, and most recently – services. All imported goods for production purposes, such as capital goods and raw material, are exempted from import tax.

Major city infrastructure has since been greatly improved to support the city’s key industries in trading, transshipment, manufacturing and tourism, anchoring the city’s vision to becoming a model of stability, a center of excellence and a hotbed of enterprise.

The transformation has made Batam the richest and fastest growing region in Indonesia, just behind Jakarta as the port of entry of choice for visitors. 2015 marks significant growth in private investments and traction has since gained steadily for Batam’s rise in the very near future.

Key Facilitators For Batam As A Perfect Destination For Success:

  • Free Trade Zone (No Import /Export Taxes & VAT)
  • Generalized System of Preferences (GSP)
  • Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement with 57 Countries
  • Competitive Investment & Operation Cost
  • Strategic Location
  • Modern Facilities
  • Reliable Infrastructure
  • Clean & Health Environment
  • Safety and Security
  • Government Support

Key Investment Facilities Offered To Foreign Investment In Batam:

  • Allowance to establish 100% foreign ownership
  • Streamlined one-stop procedure for foreign investment
  • Foreign investment license for 30 years and extendable
  • Simple immigration procedure for expatriates
  • Land lease up to 80 years and extendable
  • Easy import and export procedure

Well-known multinational companies which are already operating in Batam include: ABB, Ciba Vision, Epson, Halliburton, Hydril, Hyundai, Matsushita, McDermott, Nippon Steel, Pan United Shipyard, Philips, Sanyo, Schneider Manufacturing, Siemens, Sumitomo, and Thomson Television.

Prime Location, With Fast Access To Major City Landmarks Within Minutes.